And the winner of the Neanderthal picture lottery is…

1 December 2010, News

Japanese boys at their shichi-go-san

The winner of one of the fine art prints, which were on display during the exhibition at Neanderthal Museum in Düsseldorf, is Felicitas Hammer from Mettmann, Germany. Her chosen picture, ”Japanese boys in traditional clothes”, will be sent to her shortly.

Almost 400 visitors took part in the competition, the prize of which was a numbered fine art print signed by Anders Ryman. Each participant chose a picture he or she would like to have in case of winning the draw. Felicita Hammer’s choice was a picture taken by Anders Ryman during a visit to Tokyo to document the shichi-go-san, a ritual at which Japanese parents take their children to a Shinto shrine for blessings.

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